Behind the Image Blog

Welcome to the "Behind the Image" blog.  In this space I will be sharing the process and meaning of some of my favourite images and hope it will benefit those who read it and create some discussion between my photo clients, photographers and non-photographers who enjoy photography.  THis will not be a forum for discussing cameras or gear. In my humble opinion, the camera is just a tool with which photographers are to tell a story, evoke a feeling or share their passion. 

I used to be an avid golfer and many people I knew were less interested in improving their game and more interested in getting the gear the pros used.  I find the same goes for the photography world: many people think that the more expensive, 'better' camera you buy the better your photos will be.  Of course, that is absurd and is a pet peeve of mine when people see my work and ask me what kind of camera I if using the same gear I do will magically mean nice photos.

Anyway, I digress.  I welcome your feedback on this blog, this website and my work.  Thanks for visiting and do visit often!